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The Paperclip Mindset is a set of guidelines, examples and ideas to foster simplicity and success in IT projects.

It's about identifying untimely, unnecessary or overcomplicated project elements and configurations.

It is independent of any method like Lean, Agile or Scrum.

The Paperclip Mindset is the brainchild of Frank Karsten. He has been an IT professional for over 25 years.

During this career he often wondered why so many IT projects fail (link), despite having intelligent and knowledgeable team members.

Simplicity works!

After many years of contemplating, discussing and structuring his thoughts, Frank discovered that the lack of simplicity, in both planning, team structure and objectives, was generally the underlying cause of these failures.

However, arguing that projects should be executed in a simpler way is like stating the obvious. But the less obvious part is: how, what and where?


Frank thought up a structured way to convey this idea of simplicity. Through various cases he likes to explain in what ways simplicity could be improved.

He thinks that the minimalistic Paperclip approach is far more powerful than the wonderful new work methods and sophisticated technologies that are so often prescribed. For, whatever you don't have to do, will never fail.

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